Tennessee business wins impressive, piling up

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Business Law

Why are CEOs of major California companies fixating on Tennessee and striving to relocate operations to select locations across the state?

And why are legions of business principals from enterprises elsewhere seeking to join them?

Commentators on that subject matter point to multiple and varied reason why Tennessee has emerged as a regional powerhouse for attracting new and already established businesses to the state. The relocation motivation for companies ranging from finance firms and health care concerns to industrial players and retail operations is reportedly fueled by factors such as these:

  • Attractively low corporate taxes
  • No personal income tax
  • High number of skilled workers
  • Ancillary upsides that include good weather, quality schools and general affordability

Those are just a few of the cited lures underscored in a recent business article chronicling Tennessee’s ascension as a state that is attracting new and diverse commercial entities.

As impressive as the list of names is for medium-sized businesses moving into or further expanding in the state, the accretion of large and top-tier conglomerates is truly impressive. Big names include companies such as Amazon, Mitsubishi and FedEx.

The relevant data linked with all that movement is notably impressive. The above-cited article notes that investments within just an abbreviated span of time thus far during 2019 have totaled “nearly half a billion dollars [and that] job commitments add up to approximately, 4,500.”

The strong business momentum, while obviously encouraging news, is hardly a surprise to proven Middle Tennessee business law attorneys who work closely with commercial clients in the Nashville area and elsewhere across the state.

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