Estate Planning & The Modern Family

Helping Blended And Nontraditional Families With Their Estate Planning Needs

Our world is changing and so are our families. For blended families or people whose living situations are not traditional, you have additional legal considerations. There are many ways that your property can be divided if you pass away. Not all of those ways will fulfill your wishes.

When beginning to plan for your family’s future, you do not have much room for error. The people you love and your own future are on the line. Our attorneys have spent the last 30 years handling estate planning for blended families, including helping individuals who have remarried, divorced, remain unmarried, have same-sex partners or other non-traditional family arrangements.

Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Just because you start with an independent property or asset does not mean that it will stay that way over time. As you and your family change, asset classification may change, too. This means that your property may not be distributed the way you would have liked.

There are many ways to ensure your estate is managed the way you would like. For families looking to protect assets and designate them specifically for children or other non-spousal relatives, prenuptial agreements and trusts are among the more reliable ways to designate assets. Postnuptial agreements may help in cases where you and your spouse are already married.

While many of these options may work for you, talking to an attorney is the best way to determine how to provide for your family’s financial future, both for divorce and for cases where one spouse passes away before another.

Call An Attorney

The lawyers at Cook Tillman Law Group are dedicated estate planners, ready for even the most complex estate planning cases. Be rest assured that our attorneys understand Tennessee law and how to protect your assets.

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