Medicaid Planning

Have You Planned For Your Long-Term Care?

It is not always pleasant to imagine yourself aging, but medical science improves every year and life spans have increased greatly in recent decades. As a result, more and more people need long-term care. Whether you are able to stay in your home or need more intensive care, you need to plan for your future.

Managing your future is more than just saving for retirement. You also need to understand Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other programs. Protecting your assets, especially in the event of a medical emergency or your incapacitation, is extremely important.

Our attorneys, Russ Cook and Josh Tillman, are certified estate planning specialists prepared to take care of you and your long-term plans.

Keeping Yourself Financially Sound As You Age

You may want to take advantage of Medicare and other programs as you age. While leveraging these programs to your advantage is possible, you may find them insufficient for your needs. Also, the higher your income, the less access you have to Medicare and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

What is worse, aging means you and your assets are extremely vulnerable to diversion and misuse. Over 5 million people nationwide are victims of elder abuse every year. Planning now protects you and your family in the future.

Our Firm Has Earned Tennessee Families’ Trust

Our lawyers have spent three decades helping Brentwood families. We know how complicated estate planning can be. After helping thousands of area families, we are confident that we can guide you through the estate planning process and factor in your long-term care needs.

For Medicare and Medicaid planning and protection of assets, we are ready for even the most complicated cases.

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