Community Property Trusts

Protect Your Investments With A Community Property Trust

As a business-minded family, you have invested in property and stocks. But when that investment doubles or triples, your property is subject to high state and federal taxes. Community property trusts (CPTs) can help you and your spouse account for the future and minimize your capital gains tax and estate tax burden.

You and your family are hard workers. You want to protect what you have created, and rightly so.  Russ Cook and Josh Tillman are an accredited estate planning specialists recognized by the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC). Our lawyers are here for you and your family. Let us work with you to set up your future the right way, the first time.

How A Community Property Trust Minimizes Your Tax Burden

Typically speaking, when your property or investment grows, your tax obligations are based on the growth from the initial investment. For example, if you purchased stock initially valued at $50 and sell it at a $500 value, you are taxed on the $450 difference.

With a CPT, the property value for you and your spouse can change without the same tax risks. If your spouse inherits your same $500 value, with a family CPT, the base costs for the item are no longer counted as a $450 change. Instead, your spouse can sell your stocks for the full value without worrying about losing value to capital gains taxes.

Working With Cook Tillman Law Group

You do not have to be a tax expert to know that capital gains taxes can be very high. Our attorneys can help you navigate the tax code and minimize its impact on your family. Set up your estate with our help. Contact our Brentwood office online or set up an appointment with us via phone. Call 615-200-9117 for specialized advice on Tennessee and federal taxes and your estate.