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What is a pet trust, and might it make sense for your family?

A point we stress at the tenured Nashville-area estate administration law firm of Cook Tillman Law Group is that estate planning can effectively deal with a wide universe of concerns. Collectively, those matters are often centrally applicable to a family’s well-being and future.

We duly note on our firm’s website that, “An estate plan is essential for everyone, regardless of stage of life or economic status.”

A prominent reason why that is so owes to the broad utility of a well-considered and carefully drafted plan. We underscored for readers in our March 8 blog post that tailored planning can spotlight and attend to matters ranging from inheritances and property transfer to charitable giving and the disposition of a business. It can address family members’ special needs, lawful tax avoidance, legacy hopes and myriad other matters.

Including pets.

That is hardly surprising, given the incredibly tight bonds and love that mark the relationship between families and beloved animals in homes across Tennessee and the country. As we note in the above-cited blog entry, pets are often considered “integral family members” that planners want to ensure are duly protected and provided for at all times.

Estate planning can help ensure that important goal, through varied means that a planner can fully investigate with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Pet trusts have become increasingly popular in recent years as one planning tool that has proven to be highly effective in its goal of ensuring a loved animal companion’s protection and security throughout life. A well-crafted and duly funded pet trust can optimally promote a planner’s desires and instill reasoned confidence that a faithful family companion will be secure and well treated in the future.

Questions concerning pet estate planning can be addressed to an established legal team with a demonstrated record of client advocacy in this area of primary importance for many families.


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