Powers Of Attorney & Living Wills

Preparing Powers Of Attorney And Living Wills As Part Of Your Estate Plan

Estate planning involves much more than preparing a will, a will and trust combination, and transferring property and other assets into a trust. At the law firm of Cook Tillman Law Group, in Brentwood, Tennessee, we do much more than draft a couple of documents and send you on your way.

Essential supplementary documents of a properly prepared estate plan include:

  • Powers of attorney for financial matters
  • Powers of attorney for health care matters
  • Living wills

If you are no longer able to make decisions regarding your financial or medical well-being at any point in your life, these documents can provide invaluable assistance to you and your loved ones.

Powers of attorney and living wills allow you to choose agents who will handle your finances, take care of your minor children, and make medical decisions on your behalf in the event of incapacity. Without these documents, the courts must appoint people to make these decisions for you. Not only will you not have a say regarding who is chosen, court involvement in the event of incapacity tends to be expensive and time-consuming, and it often leads to unintended results.

It is important that every individual have properly prepared powers of attorney and a living will.

What You Can Expect From Cook Tillman Law Group

Our estate planning services include a two-hour initial meeting with a lawyer, at which we gather your information, explain your options in layman’s terms, and let you choose a plan of action that fits your unique needs.

Additionally, together we will identify each step of your chosen plan and map out the work based on a flat-fee basis. The entire process from the date of your first meeting with us until the completion of your package can take less than a month, and cost of your initial consultation is applied to the total cost of the work to be completed.

To schedule your initial consultation, call us at 615-200-9117 or send us an email. We provide legal services to clients in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.