Beneficiary-Controlled Trust

Is A Beneficiary-Controlled Trust The Right Choice For You?

When it comes to you and your loved ones’ future, you are looking for the best way to establish financial security for years to come. A beneficiary-controlled trust may be the right way to keep your family’s long-term financial health in good shape.

beneficiary-controlled trust means that the beneficiary (person receiving funds from the trust) and the trustee (person administering the funds) are the same person. This allows you to set a trust up for a beneficiary of your estate that gives that person control over the money without the financial liability that may come from direct ownership.

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How A Beneficiary-Controlled Trust Protects Both Assets And Asset Holders

You may be familiar with some of the traditional uses of trusts. Trusts can be used to limit access to funds or to dedicate funds to a specific purpose. A beneficiary-controlled trust, however, is a way to empower the beneficiary with control over money, without some of the financial problems that may come with large sums of money.

Beneficiary-controlled trusts can:

  • Give a beneficiary free rein over the trust
  • Limit when debtors can access funds
  • Prevent asset division during divorce
  • Stay in place, even when a beneficiary files for bankruptcy

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