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An estate plan is essential for everyone, regardless of stage of life or economic status. If you do not have an estate plan or have not recently updated your existing plan, let us advise you of your options.

No matter your unique circumstances, the Brentwood, Tennessee, law firm of Cook Tillman Law Group, will guide you through the difficult yet rewarding process of establishing an estate plan that ensures that your intentions are honored with respect to your family, finances and future. Russ Cook and Josh Tillman are certified estate planning specialists and educators. There is no estate plan that is too complex for us to handle. Our estate planning services include:

A last will and testament is the cornerstone of every estate plan. Without a will, a court makes decisions in your stead, such as determining who receives your assets and cares for your children. Codicils allow you to amend, supplement or revoke portions of your will.

A trust can provide you with many benefits, including tax planning, keeping personal information private, avoiding probate, and saving more assets for your heirs and your charities.

Powers of Attorney and Living Wills
Standard documents with any estate plan or will package, a living will and power of attorney allow you to choose who will make financial and medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated.

When a person is deemed incapacitated, a conservator can be named to become legally responsible for that person’s interests. These interests can include his or her physical well-being as well as finances.

Transfers of Property and Assets
We also prepare any necessary documents such as deeds and promissory notes and complete all property, asset and gift transfers.


Many of our clients are in the entertainment business and desire privacy regarding their personal and financial information. With more than 50 years of combined experience handling complex estate planning matters, we deliver top-quality work every step of the way.


During your initial, two-hour estate planning consultation, we will gather all the information we need from you, come up with a plan, draw it out explaining every detail in terms that you understand and map out the work based on a flat-fee basis. The cost of your initial consultation is applied to the total cost of your estate planning package.

Before you leave this meeting, we will set up your next appointment at which you will execute your documents. This is typically scheduled within four weeks of your initial consultation.


At Cook Tillman Law Group, we understand your desire for privacy. Many of our clients are business owners, wealthy individuals, entertainers, and high-profile public figures, and we do all we can to protect your privacy as well as your interests.

You can rest assured that we will keep your personal affairs in strict confidence. We commonly create trusts and other planning vehicles that are designed to keep your name and your holdings private.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation by sending us an email or by calling 615-370-2444. We assist clients throughout the Nashville area.

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