Trust Funding

What Do I Do Next?

Once you have gone through the process of deciding what type of trust or estate plan is right for you, there are several steps to take. Our attorneys will guide you through this process.

To help you understand what to expect, a general overview looks like this:

Determine What Goes Into Your Trust

A trust requires dedicated assets to fund the trust. What assets are dedicated to fund your trust and the timing of when the assets will fund your trust is up to you and can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Our attorneys can help you evaluate what assets you want to dedicate to fund your trust and the timing of when the assets will fund your trust.

Decide How Those Assets Are Distributed

Depending on your trust and your needs, you will have different arrangements for asset distribution. You may need to establish who lives in a family home, under what conditions, and/or determine when and under what circumstances a special-needs trust covers medical care.

Our lawyers have more than three decades of experience establishing and funding trusts and planning for asset distribution. We will help you take your future into account and plan for the unexpected.

Find A Lawyer To Manage Your Trust Going Forward

Hiring a competent attorney you can trust is the best way to ensure that your trust is administered the way you want. Russ Cook and Josh Tillman are specialists in estate planning in Tennessee and know how to achieve your goals.

Call our Brentwood office at 615-200-9117. If you are too busy or unable to call, feel free to reach out to us online.