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Is Tennessee an attractive locale for doing business?

After sifting through the relevant data points for analyzing a state’s placement on a national list underscoring business friendliness, the bottom line concerning Tennessee is both succinct and clear.

To wit: By most measurable yardsticks, the state is an attractive and welcoming locale for commercial entrepreneurs and established business principals.

That is manifestly what a team of Forbes evaluators concludes in the publication’s recently authored “Best States for Business.” That report – Forbes’ 14th annually released compilation – was published last month.

The findings regarding Tennessee are revealing and impressive from a national perspective. Overall, say Forbes researchers, Tennessee ranks a strong 7th in the country for business receptivity and startups.

The factors that played a key role in assessment were many and diverse. Reportedly, the Forbes study team examined 40 different metrics. Those were subsumed within a number of foundational categories, which ranged from business costs, labor availability and growth potential to quality of life, general economic climate and the regulatory environment linked to business creation and operation.

Unlike many other states, Tennessee did not rank low in any of those categories. Indeed, the state scored notably high in many of them. It was pegged at 4th nationally for regulatory environment, for instance. And it staked out a top-10 position for business costs.

The overall enviable showing is far from surprising to business principals within the state and to proven legal professionals they rely upon to help create and expand their enterprises.

The deep legal team at the Middle Tennessee commercial law firm of Cook Tillman Law Group in Brentwood proudly plays a key role in helping valued and diverse clients optimally deal with business challenges and exploit exciting new opportunities.

We welcome contacts to the firm to discuss our knowledgeable and impassioned business law advocacy.

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