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Reasons to hire an attorney to set up your will

The thought of your assets being fought over after you’ve passed away proves troubling. Designating specific family members the rights to your property indicates a wise decision in directing where your money and items will go. Although preparing for your death may prove troubling, a wise decision involves documenting your assets.

Yet developing a will yourself may include a multitude of errors that may have your family and loved ones confused or dealing with legal discrepancies. Hiring an estate planning attorney leaves you with peace of mind that your assets sit securely designated in a document, and you will feel content in knowing your beneficiaries will receive your assets after you pass away.

Hiring an attorney to draft your documents

Multiple reasons exist to hire an attorney to draft your will. Aside from the peace of mind, attorneys can provide both monetary benefits and clarity to identifying your beneficiaries and their assets.

Understanding all elements required: Probate attorneys have immense experience in understanding the process of drafting a legal will. Unless you are licensed, you may not know the required individual elements of the will itself. Wills contain:

  1. Signatures

  2. Beneficiaries

  3. Specific assets

  4. Listing of inheritances or properties

Forgetting to sign the will or not including large assets may add grief to your family’s recovery.

Know-how legal advice: Estate planning attorneys likely have years of experience. They can provide you with information for keeping your will safe and secure, as well as give you tips to discussing the will with your family members.

Your attorney can even provide clarity when you become confused and offer a third-party analysis, so that you can draft a will without the stress and confusion of developing the actual document.

Questions answered: You may have questions while you begin to draft your will. Some questions include:

  1. What kind of will do I need?

  2. If one of my loved ones die, who receives their portion of my will?

  3. Can I change my will to reflect new family dynamics?

  4. Where does my will need to be kept?

No one likes to think about passing away, but developing a will may give you peace of mind if a tragic accident occurs. Estate planning attorneys are both eager and willing to aid you in developing your will the right way – without burdening your family members with confusion should you pass.


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