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Most people don’t have an estate plan

Did you know that most adults in this country do not have an estate plan? It should be a high priority since everyone will eventually need one. But studies have found that roughly 2/3 (or 67%) of the adult population have not done any planning. They haven’t written a...

Who should be an executor?

Now that you have begun creating an estate plan, careful thought and attention must be given to appointing an executor.  Although your desires are in writing, it is the executor’s job is it to ensure that your instructions are followed. You want to appoint someone who...

Tips to help you avoid probate

After you die, your estate will go through the Tennessee courts in a process called probate. This is when the court oversees the distribution of your assets and ensures all debts you owe are repaid. Some people mistakenly believe if they create a will, their estate...