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Proactive thinking about estate planning events, scenarios

Jamie Hopkins is a singly packaged finance professor, retirement expert and writer on estate planning. We spotlight some of the key points Hopkins underscores in an article he recently penned for the financial publication Kiplinger.

Hopkins unsurprisingly covers much varied ground in his piece chronicling planners’ common mistakes and the steps they need to take to skirt material errors in their focus and calculations.

His bottom line, though, stresses this simple point. Effective planning – including end-of-life strategizing – is all about “taking control of your situation.”

That starts, he says, with crafting a “real plan.”

We surmise at Cook Tillman Law Group that many of our blog readers know intuitively what he is talking about. Many individuals and families in Tennessee and elsewhere have some estate planning-linked ideas and related documentation in place, but haven’t truly considered all key planning elements. Their expressed goals and aspirations are not clearly tied to a well-considered and tightly tailored strategy.

A “real” plan is something different that a proven team of legal professionals routinely helps clients develop and craft. We refer at our experienced Brentwood law firm to “the difficult yet rewarding process of establishing an estate plan that ensures that your intentions are honored with respect to your family, finances and future.”

That implies studied and results-proven advocacy across what is commonly a host of varied concerns. Hopkins duly notes relevant subject matter that covers a lot of territory. He spotlights matter ranging from necessary updates, long-term care considerations and asset titling/ownership to taxation, child-centric matters like guardian designation and legacy concerns.

We deal with all those matters and more at Cook Tillman Law Group. We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to discuss the impassioned and demonstrated advocacy we bring to bear on behalf of valued and diverse Tennessee clients.


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