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Report ranks Nashville one of the top places for startups

A recent report points to Nashville being a very attractive location for startups.

The report, posted on Inc.’s website, scored the nation’s 50 biggest metro areas in seven categories that touch on how good of an environment a given place is for starting a business. These categories are: early stage fundraising deals, high-growth company density, job creation, net business creation, population growth, rate of entrepreneurship and wage growth.

Using these scores, the report ranked the metro areas for their startup friendliness. Nashville did very well in the report, coming in at No. 4 overall. The only metro areas that ranked above it were Austin, Salt Lake City and Raleigh.

Among the categories that Nashville had particularly strong ranks in were:

  1. Net business creation, with a rank of No. 3

  2. Job creation, with a rank of No. 4

  3. Rate of entrepreneurship, with a rank of No. 6

According to the report, one area where Nashville has been seeing a high amount of startup activity lately is the healthcare sector.

As this report underscores, there are many things that may draw an entrepreneur to starting a business in the Nashville area. When starting a business in the area, whatever field it is in, one thing it can be very important for an entrepreneur to do is to make sure the various legal steps connected to process of getting a business off of the ground are properly addressed. Mistakes when it comes to such steps could put a startup at a greater risk of stumbling out of the gate. Entrepreneurs can go to skilled business law attorneys for help with such steps.


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