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What powers of attorney and living wills do for you

While you may be capable of making decisions about your health care, your minor children and your finances, a time may come when you are no longer able to do this. You could develop a debilitating, terminal illness or be diagnosed with dementia.

Creating these legal documents before they are needed means that you and your loved ones will have the support you need. Should the time come when you need assistance making these decisions, the paperwork guides your agents.

When you cannot make decisions about your health, family or finances 

This time may come while you are still young or it may come when you are much older. Your family and doctors may have a conversation about your inability to make sound decisions or communicate your wishes.

Because you took the steps to have legal paperwork created, the person you chose for your agent now makes those decisions. Your health agent can help implement any end of life decisions you make through your living will. If you chose to have life-saving measures withheld, your agent can ensure your wishes are carried out.

The legal documents, agents and choices you make 

Powers of attorney for health and finances may make difficult decisions easier to make. Should the time come when you are no longer be able to understand your finances, your financial agent makes those decisions.

Your power of attorney for health care begins when your doctor says that you are no longer capable of making health care decisions.

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